I’ve redesigned the Revay and Associates Limited (Revay) website 3 times.

In the 1st version (2010) of the website I designed around existing branding elements such as the arch. I extrapolated the element to be more dynamic into waves for the header. The site was purely informative. The idea of data collection for marketing purposes was still at its infancy. I made sure this version of the website was SEO friendly. In comparison to its predecessor, the website had more life by incorporating a secondary colour palette, image banner, coordinated a photo shoot across all offices to have the consultant’s profile photo retaken, colour profile photos, and injected more graphical elements. The user experience was an overall improvement as all content were within 3 clicks, not to mention all the links were working. The website was once easily found on Google which ranked highly within the top 5 results.

As the website became larger and required regular updates, I decided it was time to upgrade the site onto a CMS platform to make it easier to manage. The 2nd version (2012) of the website design dropped the wave to create more space for banners with content. The Revay Reports were reorganized to be easily searchable within the page. Consultant’s contact information is easily searchable too. My initial design of this upgrade was focused to introduce the search functionality on the site.

As people were moving toward mobile devices, the 3rd version (current) of the website focused around creating a better responsive site. Clean project profiles with large images showcase the extensive scope of experience the company has. Animations were introduced into the banners to create visual interest. Mailchimp forms were into the CMS to streamline and facilitate the marketing initiatives. A social media emphasis is in place, but only limited to the professional marketing channel of LinkedIn.

Audience: Owners, contractors, engineers, architects, municipalities and government bodies.

Objective: Create an online presence and share industry expertise with the construction industry.

Vision: Increase brand awareness despite being a small consulting firm.

Services: Research • User Experience • User Interface • Web Design • Web Development • Web Management • SEO • Analytics • Social Media Management

Deliverables: Wireframe • Prototype • Website • LinkedIn Presence • Google Business Listing